5 Good Places to Live in Belize

Old house in rural Belize District


Many North Americans and Europeans have a dream of living where the water is blue, the air is warm, the rum is cheap, and the living is easy. Belize may, or may not, live up to your expectations in those regards. Many who do make the leap to Belize end up frustrated, unhappy and broke, so investigate thoroughly before you decide to move to Belize. Expats in Belize are now clustered mostly in San Pedro, the Belize City suburbs, Placencia, and near Corozal Town. Here are our own picks for the best places to live and buy in Belize.


# 1 Corozal Town/Consejo

Most visitors to Belize either never get to Corozal or pass through quickly en route somewhere else. But the Corozal Town area and nearby Consejo offer a lot for those staying awhile -- low prices, friendly people, a generally low-crime environment, the beautiful blue water of the bay, and the extra plus of having Mexico next door for cheap shopping.

# 2 Rural Cayo District

Cayo has a lot going for it: wide open spaces, plenty of land, few bugs, and friendly folks. This might be just the place to buy a few acres and grow some oranges.

# 3 Hopkins/Sittee Point

This is what Placencia was 20 years ago, almost as pretty and even friendlier. If you want a place on the beach, prices are still relatively affordable here, but as anywhere in Belize, do your "due diligence" before putting out cash.

# 4 Southern Toledo District

If you can stand the rain and the mosquitos, the far south of Belize has some of the lowest land prices and nicest people in the country. When the paving of the Southern Highway is finally completed, it will open this area up to a new blush of tourism and development.

# 5 Rural Orangewalk District

Orangewalk Town isn't such a wonderful place, but out in the district, around August Pine Ridge or on the New River Lagoon, you may find your little piece of isolated paradise.


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